The Logo

The book represents the knowledge, innovation and creative. 

The scope represents searching words, ideas and so on.

Red color means brave and Black means strength, seriousness, power, and authority.

The elements come together to present the mission of TAI Dictionary to make many dictionaries available based on TAI(Shan) Language.


What is TAI Dictionary?

Tai or Shan is one the ethnic in Myanmar. A group of learners which included monks and young people who love to study and try hard to help other impoverished children and youth to access to learning. We have written a software called TAI Dictionary.

Due to the poverty and civil war, many children and youth lack of proper education and cannot access to education or nowadays knowledge. There are not many books written in Tai language. English is one of the main keys in learning. It helps learner to get further chance in variety, especially, in studying, travelling, and working.

Thus, Tai Dictionary aims to help those who only have Tai language ability to have an opportunity to study English, Thai, Chinese, and Burmese etc. Languages are the windows to knowledge. Tai Dictionary tries to promote learning for all. 


When it all started ?

Originally found in Mu-Se, Northern Shan State, it all started when Ven Seng Murng Acchariya was teaching English to students around Myanmar. To improve learners skill, he searched for dictionaries which were based on Tai(Shan), however, could not find any of it. Since then, he talked to Ven Pannyasiri (the publisher of English - Tai Dictionary) to use his book as references.

Then with the help of Sangha of Mahavon Temple, Muse (for re-typing the dictionary) and iTSTAR Software Development Co.Ltd, it started with the name Mahavon Foundation Dictionary. The first online dictionary and apps were released on 20.March.2013 as for a memorable event for the Birthday of Ven Seng Murng Acchariya. However, due to some reason in 2015, Mahavon Foundation Dictionary has been stopped and changed its name to TAI Dictionary. 

As TAI Dictionary is working for non-profit, we now work continuously with the help of donors from around Shan State and sometimes from abroad. 


Our Mission

Tai dictionary is for people not for profit. 
Tai Dictionary has been helping millions of people to improve their use of the English Language with its free digital services. 
To unlock people's potential with the best learning and research solutions.


How can you help?

Imagine doing something amazing today! Helping change those who only have Tai language ability to have an opportunity to study English, Thai, Chinese, and Burmese and so on.